Colorful Aluminum Knurled Round Post Standoff


Aluminum standoff is regarded as one kind of Aluminum Fasteners. It’s usually used for Drones/Fpv/Uav, industry and household.

Material: 6061 Aluminum/7075 aluminum(or customized)

Shape: Round

Color: black, silver, red, orange, blue, gold, green and so on. Can be customized.

Size: M3x8mm, M3x10mm, M3x15mm(or customized)



1.Uniform force, anti-skid and anti-loosening, a variety of specifications, a variety of colors to choose from.

2. Knurled texture design, light weight and strong hardness.

3. Smooth and bright surface and without bur, and the thread looks good.

4. Evenly distributed pattern, the craft is beautiful.

5. Preferred material, with better hardness, wear resistance and toughness.


Product Images:


black, blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red


6061 aluminum, 7075 aluminum, customize


M3x10mm, M3x15mm, M3x8mm