7 application fields of carbon fiber

At present, the use of carbon fiber is becoming more and more diversified. In the situation where high temperature and high physical stability are required, carbon fiber composites have irreplaceable advantages. Due to its excellent properties, carbon fiber has a wide application prospect in many fields.

Compound Material

In traditional use, in addition to being used as thermal insulation materials, it is often added as a reinforcement to resin, metal, ceramics, concrete and other materials to form composite materials.

Because of the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, good dimensional stability, good designability and large area integral molding, it has become the most important reinforcement material for advanced composites.

Civil Engineering

It is also used in the reinforcement of industrial and civil buildings, railway and highway bridges, tunnels and so on. It has the characteristics of low density, high strength, good durability, strong corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and other chemicals, good flexibility and strong strain capacity. The truss frame roof made of carbon fiber tube is about 50% lighter than steel, which makes the large structure reach the practical level, and the construction efficiency and seismic performance have been greatly improved.

In addition, when it is used to strengthen the concrete structure, it does not need to be fixed by bolts and rivets, the disturbance to the original concrete structure is small, and the construction technology is simple.


It is the perfect material to make modern vehicles such as large civil aircraft, cars, high-speed trains “lightweight”. The application of carbon fiber composites to the missile body and engine shell of a strategic missile can greatly reduce the weight and improve the range and assault capability of the missile. The fuselage of the airliner uses carbon fiber, which makes the aircraft fly faster and consume less fuel.

At the same time, it can increase the humidity in the cabin and make passengers more comfortable. The demand for carbon fiber in aviation applications is increasing. It is lighter than aluminum but similar in strength. It also has important application value in warships, which can reduce the structural weight of warships and increase the effective load of warships. It does not have the problem of corrosion and rust.

Automotive materials

It has also become a favorite material for automobile manufacturers, and it has been widely used in automobile internal and external decoration. As an automotive material, the biggest advantage is light weight, high strength, the weight is only equivalent to 20% to 30% of steel, but the hardness is more than 10 times that of steel. Although carbon fiber is light, it has better safety.

Although it looks like plastic, in fact, this material has stronger impact resistance than steel, especially the steering wheel made of carbon fiber has higher mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Rail transit

It is the focus of material selection for the new generation of high-speed rail train body. It can not only lighten the weight of rail train body, but also improve high-speed performance, reduce energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution and enhance safety. The application of carbon fiber composites in the field of rail transit has gradually become a trend.

Medical apparatus

It is an excellent material for making medical bed board. The ray transmittance of medical bed board made of carbon fiber composite material is more than 97%, and the image is clearer. Compared with traditional medical bed board, the weight of carbon fiber medical bed board is reduced by about 45%. And the chemical property is stable, the anti-corrosion ability is strong, even if with alcohol, drugs and other common medical items long-term contact will not appear corrosion, easy to clean.

Sports Equipment

Carbon fiber is used in the field of sports and leisure, such as golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, bicycles, ski poles, skis, windsurfing masts, sailing hulls and other sports products are one of the main users of carbon fiber. Bat and racket frame is an important embodiment in sports application. It is estimated that 40% of the world’s bats are made of carbon fiber. Other sports applications include ice hockey sticks, ski poles and so on. It is also used in rowing, rowing and other marine sports.

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