4 cutting methods for carbon fiber plates

Carbon fiber composites have excellent properties and have been widely used in many manufacturing fields. Because of the different requirements for carbon fiber plates, we need cut it to the desired size. CNC cutting, water cutting, ultrasonic cutting and laser cutting can all be used to cut carbon fiber plate.

Let’s talk about 4 cutting methods for carbon fiber plates:

1. CNC Cutting

Refers to the workpiece instruction (or program) used to control a machine tool or equipment, which is a new control mode given in digital form. When the instruction is provided to the control device of the NC automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can cut automatically according to the given program.

Advantages: Through the cutting technology, cutting technology and automatic control technology provided by the numerical control system, which is provided by the controller, the cutting quality and cutting efficiency can be effectively controlled and improved.

Disadvantages: If the numerical control system is not used well, it will lead to cutting quality problems, thus reducing cutting efficiency and resulting in waste of materials.

2 . Water Cutting

It is also known as water knife, that is, high-pressure water jet cutting technology, is a kind of high-pressure water flow cutting machine. The workpiece can be carved arbitrarily under the control of the computer, and it is less affected by the material texture. Because of its low cost, easy operation and high rate of quality products, water cutting is gradually becoming the mainstream cutting method in industrial cutting technology.

Advantages: wide cutting range,it can cut most materials, such as metal, marble, glass, etc; good cutting quality , with smooth cuts, no rough or burr edges.

Disadvantages: The use cost and maintenance cost are high. It needs a lot of water and sediment, which produces pollution to the production environment.

3. Ultrasonic Cutting

When cutting with ultrasonic technology, vibration is produced by ultrasonic vibrator and converting electric energy into mechanical energy, heat is transferred through the welding head, and the effect needed by ultrasonic machining can be obtained by rotating and extruding to the flower wheel tool .

Advantages: sonic cutting has the advantages of smooth cut, reliable cutting, accurate edge cutting, no deformation, no edge warping, fluffing, wire drawing, wrinkling and so on.

Disadvantages: Low material cutting rate and high power consumption. The permeability is low. This process is limited to small-size machined surfaces. The tool life is shorter. Ultrasonic vibration machining can only be used for materials with a hardness value of at least 45HRC (Rockwell hardness).

4. Laser Cutting

The cut material is irradiated by a high power density laser beam, so that the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporates to form a hole. With the movement of the beam to the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow width (such as 0.1mm) slit to complete the cutting of the material.

Advantages: Because of small laser spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed, the cutting quality is good. The cutting efficiency is high and the cutting speed is fast.

Disadvantages:Due to the limitation of laser power and equipment volume, laser cutting can only cut plates and pipes with medium and small thickness, and the cutting speed decreases obviously with the increase of workpiece thickness. The cost of laser cutting equipment is high, and the one-time investment is large.

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