What is the difference between carbon fiber and glass fiber?

With the progress of the times, carbon fiber composite plastics are widely used in textiles, machinery, automobiles and other fields of life. Carbon fiber and glass fiber are multi-purpose materials, although carbon fiber and glass fiber have a lot in common, but the two materials are very different.


Carbon fiber: It is an inorganic fiber composed of carbon elements.The carbon content of the fiber is more than 90%. It has the advantages of light weight and high tensile strength, and carbon fiber is probably the strongest of all low-density synthetic handle materials. Carbon fiber is also a highly processed material, so it is generally used in high-end products.

Glass fiber: It is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance.The advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but the disadvantages are brittleness and poor wear resistance.


Carbon fiber: aircraft fuselage panels, UAV accessories, car transmission shaft, car panel, bicycle accessories, tennis, baseball, hockey and golf clubs, skis, fishing rods, etc.

Glass fiber: boat fuselage panel, yacht hull, deck, insulation tools, electrical switches, composite cable brackets, pipes, buildings, composite walls, FRP steel bars, lighting panels, etc.

Tensile Strength

Carbon fiber: The tensile strength of carbon fiber is with tensile strength above 3500Mpa, it can reach to 5.5GPa. And its strength is even higher than that of steel and aluminum alloy. Its excellent properties of high strength and high stability make carbon fiber a synonym for high performance materials in aerospace, military and sports products.

Glass fiber: The tensile strength is 1000-2000MPa, which has high tensile strength and small elongation. When glass fiber is used as a reinforcing material for reinforced plastics, the most important feature is high tensile strength.

Electrical Conductivity

Carbon fiber: The main component is carbon, with a content of up to 95%, a new type of material that conducts electricity like copper and has electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

Glass fiber: The composites are insulators, which means it could not react to electric fields and do not resist the flow of electric charges.


Carbon fiber is a high-end material, which is relatively difficult and expensive to manufacture, and has high requirements for technology and equipment, while the processing of glass fiber is much easier. Therefore, glass fiber is much cheaper than carbon fiber. In most cases, glass fiber composites are cheaper than carbon composites.

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