6 disadvantages of carbon fiber?

The major advantages of carbon fiber including Lightweight, High stiffness, High strength, Corrosion resistance, X-ray transparency, Chemical resistivity, etc. That’s the reason why carbon fiber is becoming more and more welcome.

While, carbon fiber has inevitable disadvantages, such as expensive, difficult to form and repair, unable to be recycled…… Let’s talk about the shortcomings of carbon fiber in detail.


The production of carbon fiber is a very complex process, and the requirements for technology and equipment are also very high, resulting in high production costs, so the price of carbon fiber composites is expensive.

Hard to make the mold, difficult to change the size

For conventional-sized carbon fiber boards, there is no need to make molds. While if we need round, square or polygonal tubes of a specific size, and the supplier does not have a mold that has already been opened, or if we need to customize polyhedron profiled carbon fiber products, then we have to bear the high mold cost ourselves. Moreover, once the mold is made successfully, it cannot be changed. If we want to make changes to the design, we need to re-open the mold and bear the mold cost again.

Very brittle, Hard to fix

Carbon fiber is strong, but it is also very brittle, and any violent impact can lead to catastrophic fracture or delamination. And once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired, so it can only be discarded and replaced, which virtually increases our cost.

Not easy recyclable

Carbon fiber can not be recycled as easily as aluminum alloy and stainless steel. When you have to discard carbon fiber waste, it produces garbage and destroys the environment. Many experts have been studying how to simply recycle carbon fiber, but there is no effective method yet. ​

Time-Consuming Manufacture

When we order carbon fiber products from Chinese suppliers, the delivery time is usually 7-15 working days, and if it is a product that needs to be molded, it takes longer (1 month or more). For example, for ordinary carbon fiber board cutting, the supplier also needs to verify whether the warehouse has the corresponding board thickness and size, if there is stock, the delivery time will be faster; in case there is no, it is necessary to make the board (about 3 days), delivery will be relatively slow. And the supplier is not only one of our customers, so we need to queue up for orders, which also affects the delivery time.


To us, this can be a disadvantage or an advantage that can meet different needs. If you need insulation, you can choose the G10 board as a substitute, and the price is cheap, but the weight is twice as heavy as carbon fiber board.




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