Market Prospect and Development Trend of Carbon Fiber Automotive Parts in Automotive Industry

At present, automobile manufacturers at home and abroad have begun to promote carbon fiber auto parts, and regard it as an important means to improve automobile performance and quality. Carbon fiber auto parts have many advantages, such as lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, beauty and so on, which can not only improve the appearance quality and performance of the vehicle, but also reduce the total mass of the vehicle and improve the fuel economy. Carbon fiber auto parts have been widely used in car body, frame, chassis, engine parts and other aspects, and the market demand is also growing.

From the perspective of development trend, carbon fiber auto parts will become one of the important directions in the development of automobile industry in the future. At present, the price of carbon fiber auto parts is relatively high, but with the continuous progress of technology and the application of large-scale production, the price of carbon fiber auto parts will gradually reduce. At the same time, the performance and quality of carbon fiber auto parts will continue to improve, and will be used in more auto parts in the future. In addition, the research and development of carbon fiber auto parts will also pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, and contribute to the green development of the automobile industry.

Of course, there are also some challenges and problems in carbon fiber auto parts. For example, carbon fiber has relatively poor durability and is vulnerable to the external environment, requiring additional protection and treatment. In addition, the production and R & D of carbon fiber auto parts need to have certain technical and financial advantages, and enterprises need to constantly strengthen technological innovation and personnel training.

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is an advanced composite molding technology, which has the advantages of high molding precision, fast molding speed and stable molding quality. in the automotive field, RTM molding process can be used to manufacture parts such as body, chassis, engine cover, as well as battery box, motor shell and other parts of electric vehicles. With the improvement of the manufacturing level of composite materials, the continuous expansion of production scale and the great progress of automation, composite materials are more widely used in aerospace, automobile, rail transit and other fields. Its application level has become an important symbol to measure the advanced nature of the new generation of equipment.

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