Application of carbon Fiber Composites in 3C Electronic products

The composite materials made by lightweight technology have been used in 3C electronic products, and 3C electronic products are developing towards portability and lightweight. At present, the most common shell and structural materials of electronic products are metal materials, engineering plastics, composite materials, etc., and other conceptual products such as titanium alloy, wood grain or bamboo grain, leather and so on. However, from the trend of lightweight, cost and process considerations, engineering plastics, aluminum (magnesium) alloy materials, carbon fiber composites and other materials are more and more widely used.

Professional camera

In order to balance the weight and strength of the body and the interior, the camera usually uses short-cut carbon fiber composites, but because of its short fiber length, the strength is not high enough. Will use Teijin original resin synthesis technology, to achieve lightweight and strength at the same time, with excellent flame retardancy. In addition, through the original resin processing technology, carbon fiber will not surface, can obtain a good surface appearance.

Notebook computer

Carbon fiber reinforced composite material is used as notebook shell material, which not only has the elegant and sturdy characteristics of aluminum-magnesium alloy, but also has the high plasticity of ABS engineering plastic, its appearance is similar to plastic, but its strength and thermal conductivity are better than plastic, and carbon fiber is a kind of conductive material, which can play a shielding effect similar to metal (plastic shell needs to be shielded by a metal film).

The lightweight effect of carbon fiber is much higher than that of metal materials. Compared with steel, carbon fiber is 8 times stronger, but its weight is only 70% of steel. Compared with aluminum, its strength is 20 times that of aluminum, but its weight is only 40% of aluminum. Carbon fiber is the preferred material for lightweight components because of its light weight, high strength and high modulus, so it is an ideal choice for notebook materials.

Mobile phone shell

The mobile phone is made of carbon fiber monomer shell, which is artificially molded with carbon fiber cloth, and then processed with CNC. Because it is a single shell design without an internal frame, all the components are attached to the carbon fiber, and then the plastic is processed using CNC, which accounts for less than 5% of the material used in the mobile phone structure.

TV backplane and hanger

3K appearance lines, inner layer using UD unidirectional prepreg for laminated design, the weight reduction effect can reach more than 50%, and the traditional TV backplane materials, such as galvanized steel plate, aluminum-plastic plate, steel-plastic plate, etc. after removing the external force, the material will be deformed and can not be completely restored, while the carbon fiber back plate is strong enough to rebound no matter how thick or thin it is, and it will hardly deform under the impact of external forces. Due to the advantages of good strength and light weight, carbon fiber composites have a good application prospect in the pursuit of light and thin electronic products.

With the application of carbon fiber composites in electronic products, the light and strong characteristics of carbon fiber composites meet the development trend of small, light and portable sub-products. Moreover, carbon fiber composites have special properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, strong light adaptability, absorption of electroenzyme waves and so on. With the deepening of research, there will be more applications.

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