Carbon fiber fishing rod

The main materials made by fishing rod are as follows: bamboo, Reed, glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber and so on.

Since the invention of glass fiber composites, it has been widely used in engineering because of its unique and excellent mechanical and physical-chemical structure, and soon applied to the manufacture of fishing rods. This is the early fiberglass composite, or fiberglass for short. This is the symbol of modern fishing rod. Later, with the development of technology, there are carbon fiber, boron fiber and other composites with more excellent mechanical properties.

Composite materials are more than two kinds of materials mixed according to a certain proportion through a certain physical and chemical means to produce a new material, which has the advantages of two kinds of materials. Is an out-and-out high-tech product. One of the components bears the main tension, which is called the reinforced material, and the other component is distributed between the reinforced materials, which is responsible for bonding the reinforced material, called the matrix. For fishing rods, the main reinforcement materials are glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber. The matrix mainly includes phenolic resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin and so on.

A common cheap glass fiber reinforced plastic rod is glass fiber phenolic resin composite, referred to as glass cloth. Depending on the use, there are three models: 10, 10, 13, 10, and 13. The difference between them lies in the number of fibers in each yarn. There is also glass fiber epoxy resin composite, referred to as epoxy cloth. There are also three models: 10 million, 13 minutes, 13 yards. The difference between it and glass cloth mainly lies in the difference of resin system. The rods produced by such materials are referred to as epoxy rods.

In the large family of composite materials, fiber reinforced materials have always been the focus of attention. Since the advent of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) reinforced with glass fiber and organic resin, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and boron fiber reinforced composites have been successfully developed, and their properties have been continuously improved, which makes the field of composites full of vitality.

Carbon fiber is mainly composed of carbon elements of a special fiber, its carbon content varies with different types, generally more than 90%. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of general carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, but different from ordinary carbon materials, carbon fiber has remarkable anisotropy, softness and can be processed into all kinds of fabrics. it shows high strength along the fiber axis. Carbon fiber has a low specific gravity, so it has a high strength.

Carbon fiber is made of man-made chemical fiber with high carbon content and unmelted in the process of heat treatment, which is made by heat stable oxidation, carbonization and graphitization.

The main use of carbon fiber is to make structural materials by compounding with resins, metals, ceramics and other matrices. The comprehensive indexes of specific strength and specific modulus of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites are high in the existing structural materials. Carbon fiber composites have advantages in the fields with strict requirements, such as degree, stiffness, weight and fatigue characteristics, and in the situations where high temperature and high chemical stability are required.

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