What is water transfer carbon fiber?

Water transfer carbon fiber is not our real carbon fiber, it is a fake fiber, this is actually someone needs carbon fiber lines, then water transfer carbon fiber is very good to meet such requirements, you have a lot of carbon fiber mobile phone shell, electric bicycle trunk, most of them are this water transfer carbon fiber.

From a separate point of view, the water transfer printing of carbon fiber, that is, the carbon fiber pattern made by the water transfer technology, first floats the colored film of the fiber pattern, and then places the products that need the carbon texture in the water, and then proposes to take it out. There is a layer of carbon fiber lines on the surface. Then the grain on this surface is the same as that of real carbon fiber. But the interior is not made of carbon fiber.

There are several ways to distinguish true carbon fiber from false carbon fiber. First of all, real carbon fiber can feel obviously by hand, which is obviously different from fake carbon fiber. Fake carbon fiber is only printed like carbon fiber, and the surface is smooth. And you can’t feel the fiber at all. Secondly, real fiber can be burned by open fire (but not for too long, otherwise it will become brittle), while fake carbon fiber is only made of plastic chemical fiber, as long as it is burned with open fire, it will melt away.

Carbon fiber is absolutely light compared to wood and steel, while the fake one is definitely not as light as it really is, and even feels about the same weight as wood. Imitation carbon fiber does not have the characteristics of light carbon fiber but sells for the same price as carbon fiber.

There is also a kind of high imitation carbon fiber, at best, it is only made of glass fiber as the basic material, and then covered with a surface film imitating the pattern of carbon fiber, and some even spray black directly. In fact, the weight of carbon fiber is only 1/4 of the weight of ordinary steel, but it has five times the hardness of steel. if the hardness of a diamond is 10 degrees, then carbon fiber has 7 degrees. Carbon fiber is light. The biggest feature is the immutability of its surface shape. The steel plate deforms immediately after the collision, but the carbon fiber does not.

The structure of carbon fiber, such as honeycomb hexagonal body, when subjected to excessive impact, the six sides will collapse one by one, like tempered glass, but unlike tempered glass, tempered glass will be shattered as a whole, while carbon fiber will collapse locally at the point of force. This characteristic of carbon fiber can effectively maintain the basic shape of the whole structure, and its structural characteristics of collapse one by one enhance the ability to resist impact. Each hexagonal structure at the stress point will spread and absorb the impact energy uniformly and instantly.

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