Application of carbon Fiber and Composites in 3C Industry

Computer, communication and consumer electronic products, as the main electronic products, synthesize 3C industry, which is characterized by large demand and rapid market change. In recent years, there has been a trend of ultra-thin mobile phones, tablets and color TVs with ultra-thin design. People have begun to regard ultra-thin as a fashion, and the demand for ultra-thin appliances has never been so strong.

Compared with traditional alloy materials, carbon fiber reinforced composites have unique advantages such as light weight, high strength and high rigidity. As one of the lightweight materials, carbon fiber reinforced composites will be favored with the reduction of carbon fiber production cost and the improvement of technological level, and have great market potential.

In addition to excellent strength and stiffness, the impact strength and vibration absorption properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites are also much better than those of current alloy materials. under the same resistance, the quality and thickness of carbon fiber reinforced composites are lower than that of alloy materials. and it has good heat dissipation and anti-electromagnetic wave interference performance.

These characteristics make the application of ultra-thin carbon fiber reinforced composites in 3C industry, power tools and sports equipment has become a new hot spot in the market. such as notebook computer, PDA shell, camera shell, TV shell, audio shell and so on, and its application field is also expanding rapidly.

Due to the development of digital technology in 3C industry, the market has higher and higher requirements for highly integrated, lightweight, miniaturized and composite environmental protection of electronic and communication products. Carbon fiber reinforced composites have excellent thin-walled properties, whose thickness can be lower than that of 1mm and maintain excellent strength, stiffness, modulus and crashworthiness, which are very conducive to the requirements of ultra-thin, ultra-light and miniaturized products.

Under the requirements of thin wall, miniature and anti-impact, coupled with the consideration of electromagnetic shielding, heat dissipation and environmental protection, ultra-thin carbon fiber reinforced composite sheet will become the best choice for manufacturers.

Compared with other materials, carbon fiber materials have obvious advantages. 3C products demand for ultra-thin and lightweight, and the demand for ultra-thin carbon fiber composite sheet in the future is inestimable. High-specification products promote the demand for upgrading in the market, but at present, carbon fiber composites have high cost and low output, which are mostly used in high-end models, and the price has been on the high side.

In the electronics industry, the current mainstream products, such as notebook shell, Pad shell, mobile phone shell, routinely use aluminum alloy material, but the density of aluminum alloy material is higher, and with the lightweight of 3C electronic products, its structure is getting smaller and smaller, and its forming and processing becomes more and more difficult. Then carbon fiber composites are more and more widely used because of their characteristics.

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