Application of carbon fiber materials in new energy industry

High-performance carbon fiber composite materials are typical representatives of advanced composite materials. As an integrated material of structure and function, carbon fiber composite materials play a very important role in the power industry, oil industry, natural gas, electric vehicles and other new energy fields. Compared with traditional fossil energy, new energy is based on new materials and new technologies, including wind energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, solar energy and other renewable energy sources as well as new energy formed by transforming traditional energy technologies Wait.

Composite materials have low processing energy consumption, light weight, high strength, and good molding processability. They are already ideal materials for replacing steel with plastics in the automotive industry. At present, the automobile industry is prospering unprecedentedly, but it is also facing huge challenges of resources and the environment. How to promote the lightweight of automobiles to reduce fuel consumption is the theme of the development of the automobile industry. Because of the thermoset and thermoplastic properties of carbon fiber composites, they can be applied to different automotive parts. Internationally, carbon fiber composite materials have been used in various parts of automobiles including body parts and power parts. It is worth mentioning that many key technologies need to be broken through to realize the real large-scale application of carbon fiber composite materials in automobiles.

Carbon fiber reinforced composite materials have excellent physical properties: 30% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than steel, but 7 to 9 times stronger than steel. They were first used in high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, and military industry. It is recognized by the industry that CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) is currently the best way to reduce the weight of new energy vehicles. The application of carbon fiber can reduce the weight of vehicles by 30% to 60%. The leader of the “slimming revolution” of automobiles, and plays a key role in the lightweight of automobiles.

The breakthrough of carbon fiber rapid prototyping process, the reduction of raw material costs, and the urgent need for quantification of new energy vehicle bodies have jointly promoted the global lightweight application of carbon fiber body of new energy vehicles to enter a stage of rapid growth. In addition to body weight reduction, carbon fiber can also be used in new energy vehicle battery boxes. As the core component of the energy supply of new energy vehicles, the performance of power batteries directly affects the performance of new energy vehicles. It has high strength, light weight and excellent corrosion resistance requirements for materials; carbon fiber has great advantages in these three aspects, it has high specific strength and specific modulus, and also has excellent corrosion resistance and flame retardant. Therefore, the weight of the power battery box can be reduced while meeting the above conditions.

With the goal of reducing vehicle weight by 10% in 2020, 20% in 2025, and 30% in 2030, and the continuous increase in new energy vehicle shipments, the application of carbon fiber composite materials in the new energy vehicle industry The scope and application ratio will continue to expand, making China the world’s largest carbon fiber lightweight new energy vehicle market and leading the future of the global carbon fiber industry.

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