Carbon fiber industry ushered in a good opportunity for development

Carbon fiber, known as the “king of new materials”, is a new chemical material that is both “light” and “hard” compared with steel. Its low specific gravity and high strength make it widely used in wind power blades, aerospace, sports and leisure, automobile and other fields.

The data show that the total amount of global carbon fiber application has maintained growth for many years in a row, and has achieved a growth rate of 3% even though it has been affected by the epidemic. In the energy field, wind power blade weight loss, photovoltaic panel and consumables manufacturing, hydrogen pressure vessels, nuclear energy equipment. The application of carbon fiber composites in the new energy field has been relatively popular, and continues to increase the proportion of application through technological progress, which will become a “ballast stone” to drive the rapid growth of carbon fiber demand.

In the automotive field, whether traditional fuel vehicles or new energy vehicles, important parts such as body, frame, transmission shaft and so on urgently need new materials to reduce weight and consumption, and carbon fiber is one of the best choices. more and more high-end new models of carbon fiber composites are widely used by mainstream automobile manufacturers at home and abroad. Data show that the amount of carbon fiber used in the global automotive industry will be 12500 tons in 2020, nearly 18 times that of 2004, and is expected to increase to 18,300 tons by 2024.

In addition, civil passenger aircraft, drones, high-speed rail, subway and other important transportation equipment, more use of carbon fiber composite products; the future low-cost technological revolution will greatly enhance the demand for carbon fiber in the field of transportation.

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