Manufacturing method of color carbon fiber sheet

Carbon fiber material is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, and its carbon content is more than 90%. It has the advantages of high strength, low density and high temperature resistance. Most of the carbon fiber boards we see are black, but carbon fiber boards can also be made into other color colors, such as red, blue, green and so on.

The processing technology of color carbon fiber board is more complicated and uncommon, so we see less, but with the improvement of technology, the use of color carbon fiber board is gradually increasing.

The initial production method of color carbon fiber board is the same as that of conventional black carbon fiber board. the first thing is to determine the thickness of carbon fiber board, and then calculate the number of superimposed layers of carbon fiber materials needed for police according to the clear thickness. Then it is folded according to a different point of view, followed by molding. One of the processes of color carbon fiber board promotion is spraying, and the surface layer of carbon fiber board must be polished before spraying.

Then clear water cleans the carbon powder particles caused in the whole process of polishing and polishing, wiping and baking, and in the whole process of spraying, according to the different surface appearance, the relative path of the design spray gun ensures that the car paint is symmetrical and layered, and can not be sprayed to cause streamer, spraying generally has topcoat, varnish, surface transparent paint, spray one layer, bake once, and then check whether there are defects. In this way, a complete color carbon fiber board is made.

Color carbon fiber board plays a key role in decorative design, most of which are used in some auto parts, sports equipment and so on, giving people a different visual perception.

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