What do you need to pay attention to in the molding of carbon fiber sheet?

Carbon fiber board is a kind of fiber material with very low density, and its composition is 95% carbon. This new type of carbon fiber material has been widely used in many fields. In terms of properties, it has very good electrical conductivity and extremely high temperature resistance, so this material is very popular. Because of its high mechanical strength and easy processing, it is also widely used in concrete, bridge piers, tunnels and other places. Carbon fiber is usually produced by molding, so what should be paid attention to?

After the curing and forming of the carbon fiber board, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding machining operation. First, the carbon fiber board can be produced into the required basic shape and size, and then the carbon fiber board can be polished and drilled in many aspects by the machining machine. This kind of meeting assembly needs, and then spray painting, makes the aesthetic degree better, including better corrosion resistance after follow-up use.Then there will also be a process of polishing many times.In the machining above, we need to pay special attention to the three aspects of edge cutting, milling and painting.

First of all, let’s look at how to make the cutting of the carbon fiber board. The purpose of the carbon fiber board cutting is to make the carbon fiber board meet the subsequent assembly requirements. Then choose a good tool when cutting, which can ensure that the carbon fiber board will not be delaminated and cracked during cutting. The tool will try to choose the milling cutter with the upper and lower edges, which can better disperse the cutting axial force.

Carbon fiber board in the processing, we should pay special attention to the delamination of the board should pay attention to, layer by layer, it is easy to lead to carbon fiber board damage, damaged carbon fiber board can only be scrapped, then at this time to take into account the axial force of carbon fiber board, because it is easy to occur delamination.

The second is the operation of milling holes. Carbon fiber boards for milling holes are very many, which are used in many fields. The more common ones are the processed parts of carbon fiber boards, such as those used in lithium batteries and solar energy industries. They all need to be drilled. When drilling, we should also take into account the phenomenon that leads to the delamination of carbon fiber boards. At this time, we should choose a good drill bit for drilling. In order to better ensure that the carbon fiber board will not be delaminated or torn.

In the choice of drill bit, the strength must be high, because the strength of carbon fiber itself is particularly high, so it is recommended to choose hard alloy bit, so as to avoid the phenomenon of tearing after wear and milling cutter operation.

Then, in the process of polishing and spraying paint, polishing spray paint, removing impurities and bumps during polishing, and then carrying out corresponding spray painting, fine grinding is also needed in the process of painting to ensure better accuracy of carbon fiber board workpieces and better meet the requirements.

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