How to judge the quality of carbon fiber cloth?

Carbon fiber cloth is a unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced product, usually woven with 12K carbon fiber filaments. It is used for tensile, shear and seismic reinforcement of structural components.

This material is used together with the matching impregnating glue to form a carbon fiber composite material, which can form a complete carbon fiber cloth sheet reinforcement system, which is suitable for dealing with the increase in the use load of buildings and the function of engineering use. Reinforcement works for changes, material aging, concrete strength levels lower than design values, structural crack treatment, repair and protection of service components in harsh environments.

The quality of carbon fiber cloth will affect the reinforcement effect, so how to judge its quality?

1. The standard value of tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of carbon fiber cloth are not up to standard

The tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth I grade is greater than 3400MPa, the tensile modulus of elasticity is greater than 2.3x105MPa, and the elongation is greater than 1.6%. These three data are the guarantee of the high-strength performance of carbon fiber. The application of carbon fiber cloth in load-bearing structures

2. Carbon fiber cloth lack of weft, weft, warp break

Serious appearance defects will significantly affect the mechanical performance or durability of the structure and components; carbon fiber is tensile, its tensile strength is large, and it is resistant to bending.

3. The size deviation of carbon fiber cloth is too large

Excessive dimensional deviation may affect the mechanical performance of structures and components. The better the size control of the carbon fiber cloth, the better the quality of construction can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of use after structural reinforcement.

4. The quality deviation per unit area of carbon fiber cloth is too large

For general hand-pasted carbon fiber cloth, its mass per unit area cannot exceed 300g/m2, and the allowable deviation of carbon fiber cloth per unit area mass is ±3%. When the fabric is too thick, the room temperature curing structural adhesive will be difficult to infiltrate and penetrate, and it is easy to seriously affect the bonding performance of carbon fiber composite materials due to lack of glue or uneven distribution of glue inside the fiber, resulting in the reinforced structure cannot be guaranteed.

5. Carbon fiber cloth quality

A good carbon fiber tow is darker and brighter. Burn it with fire, it will not curl, and it will turn red like a thin iron wire. It will be smooth to touch by hand, soft light, uniform tow, and good electrical conductivity.

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