Carbon fiber honeycomb panel and its production process

Carbon fiber honeycomb panels are used in high-strength and high-support products, because the structure of the honeycomb material makes carbon fiber honeycomb panels better.

Production process:

1. Make the mold according to the size of the carbon fiber honeycomb panel.

2. Mold making: first lay carbon fiber on the bottom, lay up layers according to the thickness of the honeycomb panel, and calculate the amount of prepreg. When laying layers, lay them at multiple angles, and brush resin glue on the bottom layer.

3. After the bottom carbon fiber is laid, the surrounding of the board is also laid, and then the honeycomb material of the right size is put in.

4. Brush the resin glue on the top of the honeycomb panel, and then lay the carbon fiber prepreg on the top. When the overall size is satisfied, place the mold cover to fix it.

5. Place in curing equipment. Common curing equipment includes hot presses, autoclaves, etc., all of which are used to melt the resin in the carbon fiber prepreg through a certain pressure and temperature.

6. Waiting for cooling, demoulding can be made into carbon fiber honeycomb panels.

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