Manufacturing process of carbon fiber square tube

Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber composed of carbon elements, with a carbon content of more than 90%. It is made from acrylic fiber and viscose fiber by oxidation and carbonization at high temperature. it is widely used in automotive materials, sporting goods, civil construction and other fields. Today we are talking about the manufacturing process of carbon fiber square tubes, which includes 5 steps:

1. Mold making

First, make the mold design according to the square tube size required by the customer, including the tooling requirements after molding, in addition, take into account a series of conditions of the carbon fiber square tube size, and determine the reserved tolerance according to the thickness of the pipe. to ensure dimensional accuracy, we should also pay attention to bending deformation, if the pipe size is large, we need to use a high-strength steel mold.

2. Prepreg cutting

After design the mold , the carbon fiber prepreg needs to be cut according to the size, and the unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg needs to be stacked at 0 and 90 degrees, and the laying mode needs to be determined according to the stress of carbon fiber products.

3. Rough blank molding

After the prepreg and mold are finished, the prepreg should be filled. The carbon fiber prepreg is laid layer by layer on the mold, and the prepreg is compacted to ensure that the resin flows inside after closing the mold. The tighter the interior of carbon fiber products, the better the performance of the finished products. When installing the mold, you also need to apply the release agent to facilitate the release of the mold.

4. Heating curing

After the completion of the mold, the carbon fiber billet is placed on the hot press, and the curing of the carbon fiber square tube is completed by the action of temperature and pressure. In the manufacturing process, we need to pay attention to the changes of molding temperature and time parameters. The manufacture of carbon fiber square tube is closely related to temperature, pressure and time. After the end of molding, it is also necessary to keep pressure and heat preservation.

5. Demoulding completing

The carbon fiber square tube is removed by the demoulding equipment, and after the demoulding is completed, the square tube is taken out and put into the machine forming machine. After the demoulding is completed, the mold needs to be cleaned before the above steps can be repeated.

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