The application of carbon fiber hockey stick in Winter Olympic Games

There are many events in the Winter Olympic Games, among which ice hockey is a popular one. Ice hockey is a collective competitive sport that uses ice skates and ice hockey sticks as tools to compete with each other on the ice. It is composed of two small events, men and women. It is an independent winter sport in the international sports taxonomy. Now more and more hockey players choose carbon fiber hockey sticks. Why?

Carbon fiber composites continue the advantages of light weight, high strength and good resistance of carbon fiber materials. after being used to make carbon fiber hockey sticks, these advantages can be retained, which can help athletes hit better results. bring more viewing and charm to ice hockey.

The hockey rod base material carbon fiber composite adopts the technological method of mixing the fluid molding agent into the carbon fiber cloth, the fluidity of the fluid molding agent is reduced below the preset threshold, and the quality error of the carbon fiber cloth is controlled within ±1g/m2-1.5g/m2. The carbon fiber ball rod base material made of carbon fiber cloth is put into the mold, the inflation pressure of the mold is controlled between 18000Kpa and 23000Ka, and the carbon fiber ball rod base is heated to make the hockey rod formed.

The fluid forming agent is used to attach to the surface of the carbon fiber cloth to increase the toughness of the carbon fiber cloth on the one hand and improve the overall structural strength of the ball rod on the other hand. By providing a low fluidity fluid forming agent, and when the inflation pressure of the mold is constant, it can ensure that there is still enough fluid forming agent attached to the surface of the carbon fiber ball rod substrate, and participate in the subsequent molding process. Sufficient fluid forming agent ensures the toughness of the ice hockey stick, which makes it difficult for athletes to crack or break the hockey stick when swinging the hockey stick, so as to ensure that the hockey stick is strong and durable.

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of the production capacity and technology of carbon fiber materials, more and more carbon fiber products will be used in the field of sports.

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