How to deal with the surface defects of carbon fiber products?

Carbon fiber products, refers to the carbon fiber prepreg cloth as the raw material, through different processing methods, processed into material products that can meet the requirements of use. The processing methods of carbon fiber products: winding, winding, molding, vacuum forming, inflatable molding, etc., can be made into badminton rackets, tennis rackets, table tennis rackets, golf clubs, bows and arrows, etc. After it is formed, there may be white spots, bubbles, pores, pits and other defects on the surface, and it needs a series of processing to make the finished product.

What is the reason for the defects on the surface of carbon fiber products?

Carbon fiber products are mainly customized, involving a variety of moulds, and the molding process is often used during the process. in the processing stage, defects such as white spots, bubbles, pores, pits and so on may appear. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Vacuum leakage: damaged vacuum bag, inadequate sealing tape, poor mold tightness, etc.

2. Incomplete infiltration: resin gel time is too short, viscosity is too high, carbon fiber precursor is too thick, resin content is too low, resin overflow is too much, etc., resulting in insufficient infiltration of carbon fiber.

3. Operation errors: in the processing process, the heating up is too fast, the pressure is too fast, the pressure is too early, the holding time is too short, the temperature is too high and other operation problems, resulting in inadequate molding of carbon fiber products.

For carbon fiber products with defects, polishing, cleaning, spraying and other processes can be carried out without affecting the performance, so as to eliminate defects and ensure a clean appearance. The specific operation includes water grinding, bottom coating, middle coating, surface coating, polishing and polishing, in which spraying and polishing will be repeated to ensure the appearance of carbon fiber products.

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