What are the performance advantages of carbon fiber tubes?

Carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon fiber pipe, the main material is carbon fiber, carbon fiber has strong tensile capacity, soft and easy to process, especially excellent mechanical properties. Carbon fiber tube generally has several forms, such as square tube, round tube, special-shaped tube and so on. The surface can be divided into plain, twill, pure black.

Commonly used carbon fiber tubes are between 10 and 80 mm in diameter, with a maximum length of 10 meters and a thickness of between 0.5 and 5 mm. Carbon fiber tubes can play an important role in lightweight products and equipment. Its main performance advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

The advantages of light weight and light weight are obvious:

Carbon fiber composite materials have a low density, and carbon fiber tubes can reduce the weight by 60% compared with steel tubes of the same size, and 30% less weight even compared with light-weight aluminum alloy tubes. This advantage makes carbon fiber tubes widely used in aerospace and other products that require lightweight materials.

Excellent impact resistance and fatigue:

Carbon fiber products will not be deformed when they are subjected to external shocks. in addition, the anti-fatigue properties of carbon fiber tubes are also excellent, such as carbon fiber manipulators and carbon fiber rollers. Carbon fiber can ensure that it will not produce deformation in a long time and high speed operation.

Corrosion resistance and longer life:

The chemical activity of metal pipe is high, generally rust occurs in the air, and the corrosion resistance of carbon fiber tube is also better, which can maintain high stability in acid, alkali and salt environment, and can be used for a long time and ensure safety. reduce the number of replacements.

Good designability:

Carbon fiber tube is usually completed through winding, winding and molding process, for some special designs, such as bending, corner bending, etc., can be completed by molding, the overall accuracy is higher.

At present, carbon fiber tube is widely used in the industrial field. In addition to aerospace products, because of its unique light weight and high strength, unmanned frame, mechanical arm, medical support, sporting goods and so on are widely used. It is believed that carbon fiber products can be used in more and more different fields in the future.

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