4 Applications of Carbon Fiber Robotic Arms

The robotic arm is the most widely used mechanical device in the robotics field. At present, more and more manipulators are beginning to use carbon fiber materials. Carbon fiber manipulators fully exhibit obvious advantages such as light weight, high strength, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance.

In addition to the large carbon fiber robotic arm that plays a role in the aviation field, it is also widely used in a variety of fields.

Surgical Robotic Arm:

During the operation, the doctor uses the three-dimensional vision system and the action calibration system to operate and control, and the robotic arm and surgical instruments simulate the doctor’s technical actions and surgical operations.

Power Equipment Inspection Robotic Arm:

Inspection of substation equipment is a basic task to effectively ensure the safe operation of substation equipment and improve the reliability of power supply. As the main part of the equipment inspection robot, the carbon fiber manipulator can effectively solve the problems of high labor intensity, low work efficiency, scattered inspection quality, and high management cost of manual inspection. The carbon fiber material is 7 lighter than the metal material manipulator, which can reduce the energy consumption of the robot and improve its work efficiency. In addition, the carbon fiber material has good corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and minimal creep, and is especially suitable for use in power distribution stations under harsh environments such as high altitude, extreme heat, extreme cold, strong wind, dust, and rain.

Industrial Equipment Robotic Arm:

An industrial robotic arm is a mechanical electronic device that anthropomorphizes the arm, wrist, and hand functions. A mechanical and electronic device with functions of anthropomorphic arms, wrists, and hands; it can move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of the spatial pose (position and posture) to complete the operation requirements of a certain industrial production. Such as clamping welding tongs or welding torch, spot welding or arc welding of automobile or motorcycle body; handling die-cast or stamped parts or components; laser cutting; spraying; assembling mechanical parts and so on.

Fruit and Vegetable Picking Robotic Arm:

With the development and application of new agricultural production models and new technologies, picking robots have become an important type of agricultural robots. When the picking robot is working, the end manipulator directly in contact with the fruit is fixed on the robotic arm. At this time, the robotic arm uses the recognition system and the intelligent control system to continuously rise and fall and rotate during the work process, freeing according to the height and distance of the fruit adjust. This kind of mechanical picking has more advantages than manual picking in terms of work efficiency and fruit damage.

At present, the robotic arm technology is constantly maturing, and the application direction is expanding. I believe that with the integration of new material technology, the carbon fiber robotic arm can play more roles for people.

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