What are the advantages of using carbon fiber materials in drones?

As carbon fiber composite materials are used more and more widely in the aviation and aerospace fields, carbon fiber composite materials are increasingly used in small drones. UAV wings generally require materials with good weather resistance, high toughness, and easy processing and molding. The fuselage often uses materials with high toughness, high strength, good low temperature weather resistance, and high fluidity. The material of the landing gear needs to be There are high strength, high rigidity, etc.

The advantages of carbon fiber materials are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Excellent corrosion and heat resistance:

Carbon fiber composite materials can withstand the effects of corrosion and thermal expansion of water and various media in nature, and can meet the special requirements of long storage life of UAVs in various environments, which also reduces the maintenance cycle cost of UAVs.

High strength and hardness:

Under the premise of meeting the UAV body and the same strength and rigidity, the high specific strength and high specific stiffness of carbon fiber composite materials can greatly reduce the weight of the aircraft body, reduce the cost of the UAV load, and make the UAV have a longer Flight time and flight distance.

High stability:

The carbon fiber material structure is very stable, which helps the drone to operate. Make sure that the drone shows the best results when shooting.

Light weight:

The carbon fiber material is light, which can reduce the weight of the drone by more than 40%, and increase the running time and distance of the drone. The weight requirements of small aircrafts are very demanding. Due to various reasons such as limited battery capacity and more mission loads, the flight performance of UAVs may be greatly improved for every 1g weight reduction. Therefore, weight reduction is the biggest advantage of carbon fiber composites in the structure of UAVs.

High design:

Carbon fiber composite materials can be integrally formed. Since the UAV needs to have a highly integrated flying wing aerodynamic shape with a high degree of wing-body integration, the carbon fiber composite material can be integrated into a large area through molding processes such as external solidification of the autoclave and compression molding after simulation and simulation calculations.

The application of carbon fiber in drones has great potential in the future, we Vikicarbon can customize the drone pieces according to your drawing and requirements, also ensure the quality.

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