What is the difference between carbon fiber tube and carbon fiber square tube?

Carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber composite pre-immersed in phenylethylene polyester resin and heated, cured and extruded (entangled). In the process, various profiles can be produced by different moulds, such as carbon fiber round tube, square tube, special-shaped tube and so on.T he more common are round tube and square tube, so what is the difference between them?

1. Forming process:

Carbon fiber round tube: The roll forming process is a change of winding and pultrusion. It uses carbon fiber prepreg to cut, lay, and compact according to the size of the tube.

Carbon fiber square tube: The compression molding process also requires cutting, layup and other processes, but with the help of molds, through the upper and lower molds, the core mold is placed inside to complete the mold closing. But it is necessary to ensure that there is no air inside, and after being sealed and compacted, it is sent to the hot pressing equipment for molding.

2. Productivity:

Both types of pipes need to be cut, layered and compacted, and then rolled or molded. From an efficiency point of view, the efficiency of the round tube will be higher.

3. Stiffness

Carbon fiber material has the characteristics of high strength, which is five times that of steel. Whether it is made into a round tube or a square tube, the strength of both is very high. Compared with metal pipes, carbon fiber round pipes have obvious performance advantages. The round tube has good compression resistance, but the square tube has a more obvious load-bearing advantage. Regardless of its form, carbon fiber materials are more popular in various fields.

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