What should be paid attention to in drilling carbon fiber board?

Carbon fiber composites have the properties of light weight and high strength. because of different use requirements, carbon fiber boards often need to be machined, and drilling is a common step in the processing process.

When drilling carbon fiber, it is easy to crack and delaminate the material due to improper treatment, which leads to the material can not be used and directly scrapped.Therefore, the difficulty of drilling is relatively high, so what do we need to pay attention to in the machining process?

Tool Selection:

The choice of the cutter is very important. The milling cutter runs at a high speed during the machining process. When the cutter is in contact with the carbon fiberboard, the surface temperature rises rapidly, which can easily lead to the melting of the resin on the surface of the material, burnout or tearing. When choosing a tool, you should try to choose a tool with an opening to ensure that heat can be dissipated during the machining process.

Dust Treatment:

Carbon fiber materials are formed by resin infiltration and hardening, which will produce a lot of dust during processing. Attention should be paid to dust treatment during processing to prevent dust from drifting into the air and causing pollution.

Tool Wear:

Carbon fiberboard has very high hardness, so it needs to use high hardness tools, such as diamond and so on. In the machining process, we should also pay attention to check whether the tool is damaged, if the tool wear is serious, it needs to be repaired or replaced to avoid causing carbon fiber board rupture.

Because of the high difficulty of drilling, it requires not only the machining tools, but also the skills of the operators. It is necessary to ensure the processing process and reduce the material loss rate.

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