The application of carbon fiber robotic arm in machine manufacturing

The robotic arm is an automated technical equipment that imitates the functions of the upper limbs of the human body and transports workpieces or holds tools for operation according to predetermined requirements. It plays a key role in realizing industrial automation and promoting the further development of industrial production.

Robotic arms are basically made of metal materials, but metal materials will exhibit self-heavy weight, slow speed, high energy consumption, easy wear and deformation, and poor anti-vibration effects during operation. In order to improve the motion speed and control accuracy of the robotic arm, we must not only ensure that the robotic arm has sufficient strength and rigidity, but also reduce its own weight in the structure and materials as much as possible. Carbon fiber composite materials used in robotic arms can solve these problems well.

Carbon fiber composite materials have high tensile strength, good shock resistance, and low specific gravity (1.5g/cm-2g/cm). A series of advantages allow carbon fiber robotic arms to operate freely in parts assembly, handling of processed parts, loading and unloading, etc. It is more commonly used in automated CNC lathes and modular machine tools. The arm reduces the self-weight of the mechanical arm, reduces the power of the motor, saves energy, and has strong environmental adaptability.

The specific advantages of carbon fiber in the application of robotic arms can be divided into the following points:

1. Wear resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, stable physical properties, excellent fatigue resistance, and more durable;

2. Light specific gravity and high strength. It can improve the rigidity of the product, reduce the overall weight, and be more energy-saving and more efficient;

3. Advanced compression molding method, using CNC machining center processing to ensure dimensional accuracy;

4. Outstanding corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Compared with traditional mechanical arms, traditional mechanical arms are mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, and their strength can be guaranteed in a short time. However, due to the self-weight of metal components, it is easy to produce local permanent cumulative damage under the action of long-term fatigue, and eventually break and cause equipment failure.

The carbon fiber robot arm adopts the technology of molding and integral molding. The ultra-high pressure external expansion process makes the structure stronger, ensuring the safety of the carbon fiber robot arm, realizing rapid automation of the production process, improving labor productivity, ensuring product stability, and improving product quality .

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