What is the CFRP material?

The full name of CFRP is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer composite, which refers to polymer matrix composites reinforced by carbon fiber or graphite fiber or their products.

Composite materials are composed of two or more materials with different properties, which are composed of physical or floral chemistry. The comprehensive properties of composite materials are better than those of single materials. Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite is a kind of structural composite material with the most application scene at present, which has achieved rapid development in recent years. It has been widely used in aerospace, machinery, electronics, chemical and other fields.

Performance characteristics of CFRP:

1. It has lower density and higher specific strength and specific modulus.

2. Excellent fatigue resistance

3. Good corrosion resistance

4. Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites are Designable.

Application areas of CFRP:

1. Aerospace: the usage on helicopters, drones and large airliners has exceeded 50% ,including RC composite frame, carbon fiber structural component, carbon fiber profile.

2. Sports equipment: Racing car carbon fiber panel, wheels, carbon fiber handle, crankshafts and seat supports of high-end bicycles; sporting goods, such as hockey sticks, rowing, tennis rackets, softball, carbon fiber panel and carbon fiber paddle, etc.

3. Transportation: car body, chassis, bumper, drive shaft and other composite parts.

At present, CFRP composite material is more and more widely used, it could be designed as different part according to actual needs.

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