How strong is the carbon fiber panel?

Carbon fiber board is the carbon fiber arranged in the same direction is infiltrated and hardened by resin to form carbon fiber board, which has the characteristics of light weight and high hardness, so it is widely used in different fields.There are many names for carbon fiber board, such as Carbon Fiber Sheet, Carbon Fiber Plate, Carbon Fiber Board, Carbon Fiber Panel Sheet, Composite Plate,etc.

The most special characteristics of carbon fiber material are stiffness, strength and hardness, which contains a large number of filaments, which are made into woven cloth, and then bonded to make carbon fiber board or carbon fiber tube, will become very strong.

The tensile modulus refers to the elasticity of the material when it is stretched. The value is the ratio of the force required to stretch the unit length of the material along the central axis to its cross-sectional area. The unit of measurement is abbreviated to psi (or ksi for thousands of psi and MSI for millions of psi). There are five categories of carbon fibers: low modulus, standard modulus, medium modulus, high modulus and ultra-high modulus.

Carbon FiberLow Modulus standard Modulus Medium Modulus High Modulus Ultra-high Modulus
Tensile modulus GPa<227227289393758
Tensile modulus MSI<33334257110

The comparison of strength and stiffness between carbon fiber and other metal materials is also obvious, please see the following comparison figure. As can be seen from the table, carbon fiber board has the highest strength and stiffness.

Material Tensile Modulus GPaTensile Strength MPaDensity g/cm3Tensile Strength Pa m3/kgTensile Modulus MPa m3/kg
Carbon Fiber706001.540046.7

In addition to being often compared with metal materials, carbon fiber and glass fiber are also often compared. Please see the following comparison table:

MaterialElastic modulus GPa Tensile Strength MPa Density g/cm3 Tensile Strength Pa m3/kg Tensile Modulus MPa m3/kg
Glass Fiber254401.923113.2
Carbon Fiber706001.540046.7

When choosing different materials, manufacturing requirements, material flexibility, price and other factors will be taken into account. When strength, hardness and stiffness are required, carbon fiber board is the first choice. Because compared with other materials, carbon fiber material stiffness, strength and tensile strength advantages are more obvious.

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