How to process the carbon fiber kit?

The carbon fiber material is a new type of material with the characteristics of lightweight and high hardness. It is now widely used in various fields and can be made into camera frames, drone frames, bicycle frames, parts on machines, and so on. So how are these carbon fiber products processed? Today we will discuss the following processing methods.

Milling processing

Milling is to fix the blank and use a high-speed rotating milling cutter to move on the blank to cut out the required shapes and features. Milling is a processing method for reprocessing finished products. It is the most basic and most basic method for processing carbon fiber materials. It requires high processing accuracy. There is a complicated relationship between the milling cutter and the carbon fiber during the processing. There are uncut yarns and delamination.

Turning processing

Turning means that lathe processing is a part of mechanical processing. Lathe processing mainly uses a turning tool to turn a rotating workpiece. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, discs, sleeves, and other rotating or non-rotating workpieces with rotating surfaces. It is the most widely used type of machine tool processing in machinery manufacturing and repair factories. It is generally suitable for the realization of the predetermined tolerance on the cylindrical surface. The feed rate, the cutting depth, and the cutting speed in the processing technology will all affect the degree of damage to the finished product. This processing method is often used in the production of carbon fiber rollers, as well as grinding.


Drilling refers to the operation of drilling holes in solid materials with a drill. The workpiece requires bolts or riveting assembly to require drilling operations. In the carbon fiber processing process, there are still material layering, tool wear, and quality problems of the inner wall of the hole.

We Vikicarbon will adopt corresponding processing methods according to different product requirements to ensure product quality and appearance.

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