What should you pay attention to when processing carbon fiber materials?

Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber with a very high carbon content. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, heat conduction, and corrosion resistance that common carbon materials have. In addition, it has flexibility, strong designability, light weight but hardness. Strong.

Carbon fiber board is a composite material made of carbon fiber and resin. Resin is relatively easy to process, but the characteristics of the resin itself make the thermal conductivity poor during processing, and the internal temperature during processing is too high. In severe cases, it is easy to scorch and soften the resin. Damage to carbon fiber products is difficult to repair. In addition, carbon fiber has very high tensile strength and high hardness. When the bending and shearing force is too large, it is easy to break, but when the force is small, it cannot be processed. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection and control of cutting tools in the processing and cutting of plates. Different cutting tools should be used for different processing, and the cutting force and time interval are different. In addition, factors such as environment and temperature will also affect the processing results.

When processing complex and precise carbon fiber structural parts, in order to avoid the influence of oil stains on the parts, there is usually a requirement for dry cutting without coolant. Such parts have complex shapes and changeable fiber layers. The overall strength and hardness are very high. , The processing will produce very high temperatures, not only the processed parts are easy to soften and burn, but also the loss of processing tools is very serious. Because such carbon fiber products often have extremely high precision requirements, it is necessary to choose more wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and non-sticky processing tools when processing such products.

In the process of processing carbon fiber composite materials, the rake angle of the processing tool should be selected to be an appropriately small value, which can effectively dissipate heat and increase the strength of the cutting edge, but it should not be too small. If the sharpness is not enough, this kind of high toughness and Strong materials cannot be processed efficiently. In order to reduce the wear on the tool, choose a large value for the clearance angle of the tool. For CNC machining of carbon fiber composite materials, it is best to choose CVD diamond tools, because this kind of wear resistance is the best, the cut is smooth and the quality is the best. Alloy cutting tools will suffer serious wear and tear during processing, and they are prone to burn out products.

The CNC processing of carbon fiber composite materials requires careful control, otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the product, so you must pay more attention when processing the product.

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