What is the production process of carbon fiber tube?

The carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber prepreg after heating, curing and pultrusion (twisting). In the manufacturing process, various profiles can be produced through different molds, such as round pipes and square pipes of different sizes.


1. Laying design: According to the stress conditions of the carbon fiber tube, select the appropriate prepreg, and then calculate the required number of layers and the order of the layers.

2. Prepreg cutting: According to the layer, cut the carbon fiber prepreg to the required size and quantity, and mark the number according to the order of the layer for use.

3. Hot connection: Iron the carbon fiber prepreg on the mold.

4. Rolling: The carbon fiber prepreg that has been hot-bonded on the mold is placed on the machine to roll, so that the carbon fiber prepreg is rolled on the mold.

5. Tape wrapping: After the tube is rolled, since the prepreg will not solidify immediately, peeling between the prepregs may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap the tube to strengthen the adhesion of the formed embryo tube.

6. Curing: After finishing the winding step, put the roll tube into the oven for curing, and strictly control the temperature of the oven.

7. Demoulding: first unwrap the tape, and then remove the roll tube from the mold.

8. Processing: subsequent processing of the carbon fiber tube.

According to different textures, it can be divided into plain weave and twill; according to different surface treatments, it can be divided into glossy and matte. You can choose the type based on your actual needs.

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