What are the applications of carbon fiber materials in Automobile field?

Carbon fiber is transformed from organic fiber through a series of heat treatment, and the inorganic high-performance fiber with carbon content more than 90% is a new material with excellent mechanical properties, which has the inherent characteristics of carbon material and the soft processability of textile fiber. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber. It is very durable and can be cut and shaped and reused for many different purposes including aerospace engineering, automotive, military vehicles, spacecraft and more.

Carbon fiber is widely used in automobile field because of its light weight, high strength, durability and safety. Especially in the past year or two, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has provided a great opportunity for the carbon fiber industry. The use of carbon fiber can make a breakthrough in the lightweight of the automobile and greatly improve the performance of the product.

Structural reinforced parts

Because of its excellent strength performance, carbon fiber will greatly improve the overall structural strength and torsional stiffness of the car body, and reduce the weight of the car body at the same time. Carbon fiber will greatly improve the overall structural strength and torsional stiffness of the car body, and reduce the weight of the car body.

Outward view parts

The easy machinability of carbon fiber is applied to the visual appearance parts with high visualization, such as rearview mirror, roof, dashboard and other parts, which can create the visual effect of vehicle science and technology movement.This material is also applied to the carbon fiber elements such as front body, front windscreen, roof, wheels, wheels, bumper and other items,.The material is also used in small parts like the side mirrors and taillights on sports cars and other small, lightweight body parts.The low weight of carbon fiber in the chassis is also very important to an automobile manufacturer, and it is a great advantage in lightweight and high performance cars.

Interior parts

The application of carbon fiber in interior parts can not only achieve lightweight effect, but also make the cockpit full of scientific and technological texture and soft touch.

Other parts

For the body cover, doors and other integrated design, a pair of carbon fiber mold to complete the whole product (assembly) integrated manufacturing, reduce the number of parts, reduce connections, reduce manufacturing costs; conducive to low-cost automatic mass production.

Carbon fiber material will be more widely used in cars in the future. We may guess many brands of cars will use carbon fiber, but the final answer may depend on the performance of the car. What do you think? Which kind of car would you like to see use more carbon fiber?

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