What kind of screws is used for Drones?

Usually, inner hexgon screws are widely used for Drones. Compared with other screws. it has below advantages:

1. Bear a greater load: it has six load-bearing surfaces, which is more bearable than one-word screws and cruciform screws with only two sides.

2. Esay installation: compared with the outer hexagon screw, the inner hexagon is suitable for more assembly occasions, especially in narrow occasions, so it is convenient for assembly and maintenance, and debugging is also convenient.

3. Not easy to disassemble: a special wrench must be used to remove the inner hexagon bolt, and it is not easy to disassemble with general tools.

Below are three images of different types of inner hexgon screws, including 7075 aluminum flat hex screw, 7075 aluminum round socket hex screw and 7075 aluminum cap/socket hex screw. 7075 is one of the strongest commercial alloys. It is a high strength heat treatable alloy with good mechanical properties, good usability, easy processing, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

7075 aluminum flat hex screw
7075 aluminum round socket hex screw
7075 aluminum cap/socket hex screw

We could provide above screws, dimension, color and material could be customized, including but not limited to 304 stainless steel material, 201 stainless steel material, aluminum, etc. You can choose the type according to your requirements.

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