What are carbon fiber tubes used for?

Carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber composite pre-dipped into phenylethylene polyester resin and heated, solidified and extruded (entangled). In the manufacturing process, a variety of profiles can be produced through different moulds, such as: different specifications of carbon fiber tubes, different specifications of square tubes, different specifications of sheet. It is a carbon fiber composite material, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength and flexible design, so it is widely used in different fields. It is also called as Composite tube, Carbon Fiber Boom, Composite boom, Carbon Fiber Pipe and Composite pipe, etc..


1. Light weight, solid, high tensile strength

2. Good electrical conductivity and very good tensile strength

3. Good corrosion resistance and good material stability

4. Good designability, can flexibly design all kinds of structural products according to different use requirements, so that the products have a good integrity.


1. Frames of Drones/ RC Models

2. Sports Equipment

3. Industry/ Reinforcement of Construction

4. Medical External Fixation Scaffolds

5. Kites and toys

6. Diving/ Sailing

7. Robotics

8. Lamp brackets

9. PC equipment spindles

The processing methods of carbon fiber tube are winding, pultrusion, winding, the surface can be divided into plain, twill, pure black, but also can be treated into matte and bright two forms. Commonly used carbon fiber tubes are between 5 and 120 mm in diameter, with a maximum length of 10 meters and a thickness of 0.5 to 5 mm. We can provide customized services to meet your different needs.

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