The difference between stainless steel and aluminum alloy material

When choosing hardware materials, stainless steel and aluminum alloy are the two most commonly used, because they are very similar in appearance, so it is more difficult to distinguish, but this does not mean that the two are the same, they are different in many places, which is better? The biggest difference between them is that aluminum alloy is generally lighter and dim in color, while stainless steel is heavier and brighter. In addition, they are also different in price, hardness, performance, surface, use and so on.

1. Price

Stainless steel is expensive and aluminum alloy is cheap.

2. Hardness

Stainless steel has low density, but high strength, close to steel and has good plasticity. Stainless steel is a Ni-Cr alloy with higher hardness than aluminum alloy.

3. High temperature resistance

Stainless steel can withstand high temperature, the melting point is 1200 Murray 1500 degrees.

Aluminum alloy can not withstand too high temperature, the melting point is 500 Murray 800 degrees.

4. Surface treatment

Stainless steel: including surface brightening treatment, surface whitening treatment and surface coloring treatment.

Aluminum alloy: including electrophoretic, spraying, anodizing and so on.

5. Industrial application

Stainless steel has heat resistance, oxidation resistance, good formability and good weldability, so it can be used as ultra-high strength material in nuclear industry, aviation and aerospace industry.

Aluminum alloy is applied for processing requires good formability but does not require high-strength parts, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers, printing plates, nameplates, reflectors and so on.

6. Electric conductivity

Compared with most metals, stainless steel is a very poor conductor.

Aluminum alloy is a very good electrical conductor. Because of its high conductivity, light weight and corrosion resistance, high voltage overhead power lines are usually made of aluminum.

7. Machinability

Stainless steel may be difficult to use because of its wear resistance and wear resistance. Stainless steel is harder than aluminum and more difficult to form.

Aluminum alloy is quite soft and easy to cut and shape.

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